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Travel tips


Lodging may seem costly if compared with other Caribbean islands whose currency is less than the USD. You can expect to pay around 90 BSD a night for a room in a 2-star budget hotel that sleeps two in the cities such as Nassau, Bahamas. This price includes basic hotel amenities like free Wifi, television, and private bathrooms. You can also find a home rental using Airbnb where you can rent either a spare room or an entire place. In Staniel Cay there are several options with budget starting at around $150.


You’ll pay around 9 BSD for chicken, rice and a side dish. However, most restaurants also specialize in American and British cuisine that can cost between 17-25 BSD a plate. Expect to pay at least 60 BSD per week for groceries that will include pasta, vegetables, chicken, and other basic foods if you plan on cooking. In Staniel Cay grocery shopping can run you into about $100 per week or more.


In the cities (Nassau and Freeport), a minibus (jitney) trip is the cheapest way to get around at under $2 per trip. These stop running at around 6pm. Taxis and luxury vehicles are also available. A taxi from the airport to Paradise Island (Atlantis) costs about $35-$40 and from the airport to Cable Beach (Bahamar) costs about $15- $20. Only use official taxis identified by their yellow license plates. In Staniel Cay and some other out islands golf carts are the most popular means of transportation.

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