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Travel tips


The Bahamian dollar is maintained at the same level as the U.S. dollar and both are accepted interchangeably on all islands.  Travel with cash and a major credit card. Taxis are cash only, but some hotel bars and snack spots only accept cards or room charges. Credit cards and traveler’s checks are accepted at most locations. In Staniel Cay, there is a 5% surcharge on all credit cards. EMBRACE accepts American Express, Visa and Mastercard.


In The Bahamas you should tip according to the quality of service you receive. Bellboys/porters usually receive $2 per bag, while most other servers (waiters, taxis, etc.) receive 15%.  Tour guides / captains if they exceed your expectation usually receive $10-$100 (or more) depending on your experience. Hotel staff are usually tipped $5-$100 depending on their service level as well as how often they’ve assisted you throughout your stay. Many establishments include the gratuity in the total, so make sure you check your bill to see if it has already been added EMBRACE Resort team gladly accept tips so if you feel that your service was top notch feel free to tip the person that assisted you. The housekeeping staff have a 5% gratuity which is included in your room rate.

Driving / Walking

UK rules apply in The Bahamas, so please drive on the left and be very careful on the roundabouts. Visitors can use their residence permit for up to three months and may also apply for an international driving license. Pedestrians must remember to first look right and then left before crossing streets. It is the law that all drivers and their passengers wear seat belts while riding in a vehicle.  On Staniel Cay, golf carts are the main source for transportation. Though seatbelts are not required, all other UK road rules do apply. The Bahamas is a pedestrian friendly country, and drivers will often stop to yield the right of way to pedestrians.

Duty-free Shopping

On most large islands you can find cameras, binoculars and telescopes, porcelain and crystal, watches and clocks, jewelry, perfumes, linens and tablecloths, alcohol and leather goods. The savings on these items are usually between 25-50% below U.S. prices.


Electrical outlets in The Bahamas are 60 cycles / 120 volts, which is compatible with all American devices. British and European appliances require a two-pin flat adapter and a 220-volt converter.

Health and Security

Vaccines are not required to visit The Bahamas, unless you are traveling from an infected area. You can have peace of mind knowing that there are facilities available to meet your health and pharmacy needs. Medical facilities on the islands, particularly Nassau / Paradise Island and Grand Bahama Island, have North American and European doctors. Note that Staniel Cay has a clinic available to serve you and in the event of serious injury we will assist you with getting the level of medical assistance required.

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