Travel tips

Getting To The Bahamas

The Bahamas has a modern international airport as well as private airports that are easily accessible. There are frequent direct flights from major hubs such as Miami, New York, Toronto, London, Atlanta, Houston and Panama. We are an independent country and entry requirements vary according to the country of citizenship. USA, Canada and China passport holders for example do not require a visa for stays less than 3 months.

Getting to Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay is very easily accessible via Nassau or Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Through Nassau there are two airlines which offer flights 2x per day into Staniel Cay, Flamingo Air and Titan Air. From Ft. Lauderdale there are also two airlines which operate twice daily which are Maker’s Air and Staniel Air.


Bahamians speak English and are easy to understand. With the background in hospitality those in the hotel/service industry are sure to have a very clear accent to ensure that guests are able to understand them well.


Casual summer wear can be worn during the day at any time of the year; but be sure to bring a jacket or sweater for the cooler evenings from December to February. Most hotels / restaurants / casinos require jackets for men at night, especially in more cosmopolitan areas, such as Nassau / Paradise Island and Freeport / Lucaya.

Beachwear is inappropriate in churches, restaurants, and casinos. Away from the beach or the pool, you should cover your swimsuit with shorts or a long shirt when walking the city streets.


The temperatures in the Bahamas are generally amazing year-round, but most of the rain falls in the fall.  During the winter months you can bring a light sweater/jacket for the evening in case it gets a bit chilly.


The Bahamas is a very safe countries. Tourist areas are often patrolled by local enforcement and the culture of the Bahamas is very tourist friendly and locals always do their best to ensure that tourists visiting the Bahamas feel safe. Staniel Cay is extremely safe and friendly! Guests have been known to leave their kids with locals while they enjoy a couples’ get away at a beach. Locals are more like friends that someone to be afraid of.

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