Uncertain Times?

With so much chaos and uncertainty around the world, why don’t we dive into a little bit of history, legend and excitement? Surely, you’d like to learn more about what the world used to be like, and what adventures took place way before us? So without further ado, lets read some more about the hidden treasures of the Bahamas.


Why Pirates?

Lasting nearly a century, the age of piracy deemed the Caribbean a vicious destination for pirates to rise to power. In fact, the Bahamas held the highest concentration of pirates than any other Caribbean island, as its shallow waters made it perfect for pirates to thrive and loot. The shallowness of the water made it difficult for large military ships, known as Man-0-Wars, to set sail and control the pirate population, leading it to be a hot-spot for all pirates. As a result, hidden treasures of countless successful pirates still remain buried to this day, waiting to be discovered…


Blackbeard’s “Sunken” Fortunes?

The golden age of piracy made it desirable for any lost soul to become a pirate and seek a life of adventure. Living under the Jolly Roger flag and by the pirate code guaranteed a certain amount of treasure.

Hidden beneath the current civilization of Nassau, the plundered treasure of some notorious pirates still lies there undisturbed. Edward Thatch, also known as BlackBeard, was one of the most infamous pirates to sail the 7 seas. Sailing on his 40-gun warship, the “Queen Anne’s Revenge”, Blackbeard earned his fame by successfully pillaging and capturing an innumerable amount of ships off the coasts of Carolina and Virginia, as well as the Caribbean. His pirating career came to a stop when he was decapitated by a british lieutenant, where his head was affixed on the end of the bowsprit of his ship. Apart from his notable black beard, a well-known aspect of his legend was his buried treasure, which was never found. The ship-wreck of the “Queen Anne’s Revenge” was discovered in the mid-1990’s by North Carolina’s coast, but there was no sign of treasure. Multiple artifacts were recovered from the ship-wreck revealing advanced navigational devices and other possessions.

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