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Hurricane Dorian Bahamas Impact and How You Can Help

Embrace The Opportunity to Assist The Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian continues to haunt the Bahamas with hundreds still missing, the death toll rising and tens of thousands homeless. This is a devastating time for our homeland, specifically for Abaco and Grand Bahama! It’s impossible to fully capture the devastation people see every day. The infrastructure is slowing search and recovery efforts throughout those two islands. Hurricane Dorian left piles of rubble, splintered homes, and local communities within the Abaco islands flattened by the storm but united we will recover from this. Stories of husbands watching their wives drown or children being swept out of their parents arms are far too common and we can’t stand by without helping to be part of the recovery.

One way to help is to go on vacation!

We must NOT forget that the Bahamas is made up of 700 islands, the majority of which were untouched. Many of you might think that the Bahamas are a “no go” at this time, but it is important you know that we are okay, and the places that are not, will get better with OUR help. Trips to Nassau, Andros, Eleuthera, Cat Island, Long Island and of course our Exuma Cays are more than welcome. By visiting one of these islands you will assist by investing in the Bahamas economy and this helping to expedite the relief for those two islands that are in need.

For all those looking to book a vacation in the Exuma Cays with us or are interested in a future trip, please note that for every booking made on EMBRACE Resort and the 3N’s website until October 31st 2019, $25 per night for rooms and $25 per person for tours, will go toward the BaB program! By booking direct, you will also be directly helping the cause.

Why Are We So Passionate About This?
EMBRACE Resort is a property which is named and inspired by the Bahamian islands and our beautiful culture. The name “EMBRACE” is an acronym for the 7 villas which are named after Bahamian islands. This is an opportunity for us to put our love in action and put our money where our mouth is.

We EMBRACE the opportunity to assist our fellow Bahamians and ease the pain that this tragedy is causing. We and our local partners are Bahamians and we believe in our motto of “Forward, Onward, Upward and Together” and we plan to ensure that we action it. We are proud to be partnered with Ashley Lynn Hair Care, Grand Bahama Strong and Staniel Air.

The Exuma Cays, our beloved home was spared during this tragic hurricane and we can’t imagine what it would be like to no longer have this place to go home to. For that reason, we empathize with those in that predicament and will do our best to ease their pain.

Our Promise For Your Giving – TNT
We know that there are several outlets popping up from GoFundMe accounts to donation drives and it’s difficult to know which one is “legit”. We respect and appreciate that you want to use what is yours to help a country and a people in need. With that in mind, you have our word that you will get TNT: Transparency and Totality.

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of everything donated will go directly to the cause with NO admin fees or other deductions. We will constantly be sharing updates on our social media of what we are doing with the money and proceed with TNT by providing photographic proof that we are using the funds for good.

So What Is EMBRACE Resort & 3N’s Doing About This?
First and foremost, EMBRACE Resort & 3N’s will pledge $1000 to jumpstart the cause and proceed with Totality and Transparency – TNT and we have already gotten a pledge from a previous guest for $1000.

As the Bahamas nation is facing the worst natural disaster in our history it is now up to us to take on this challenge and do what we can to help. With that in mind we will be assembling and distributing care packages to raise the spirits of those impacted by the hurricane.

What is the BaB (Buy A Bag) Program?
We are introducing the BaB Program to provide Care Package for victims of Hurricane Dorian in Freeport and Abaco. Through this program we will hand deliver reusable tote bags filled with essential items to those affected by hurricane Dorian.

The care package will include:

Towel Set (new)
Toothpaste (travel size)
Bar Soap
Water Bottle
First Aid Kit (travel size)
Hair Ties
Hair Brush
Deodorant (men & women)
Sanitary Pads
Notebooks & Pen
*Letter of Hope
Though items such as puzzles may not seem “essential”, our goal is to focus on areas that are currently absent or scarce from the other care packages and donation lists while focusing on the victims’ wellbeing.

How Can I Support the BaB Program?
As humans, we all have our own preferred way of giving so we wanted to make it as easy as possible for everyone. Here are the ways you can support EMBRACE Resort & 3N’s as we support the Bahamas.

  1. Buy A Bag to be hand delivered to a victim
    1.  You can buy one at $10 or multiple bags by clicking this link. The more bags we can purchase the more hearts we can touch!
  2. Send a general donation toward our care packages
    1. If you would like to donate directly or cannot afford a bag, we are also collecting donations. We would be happy to accept as everything counts! Click here to donate.
  3. Purchase items from our Amazon List
    1. To donate items rather than money please head over to our Amazon List and choose any item(s) and we’ll use those to add to our care packages.
  4. Purchase Care Package Items and Mail them to our US partners
    1. If you’d prefer to buy items yourself to fill the care packages we’d be happy to accept!We will be partnered with Staniel Air to bring in items for us to add to our care packages. Kindly choose any items from the list above and mail the items to


Name: EMBRACE Resort
Ft. Lauderdale Exe. Airport

2201 NW 55thCt.

Hangar 11

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, 33309


How can I support without a donation?
If you’re not able to give money or items towards the EMBACE Care Packages NO WORRIES! There are two very important ways you can make an impact.

  1. Write and send us a letter of hope
    1. In addition to losing everything in the storm, many Bahamians have also lost hope. We want to help to raise their spirits by adding a letter of hope to each bag! Please handwrite a letter to tell the hurricane survivor how you feel! You can buy a card to write in or just write it on a piece of blank piece of paper. You can mail your letters to the address listed above.
      Everyone is welcome to write and send letters!
  2. Share, Share, Share!
    1. It’s very important for us to spread the word for those out there who are able to assist the Bahamas during this tragic time. Please share on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Email or your circle of friends so that they know what we are doing and how they can help! Helping us to spread the word would mean the world to us and help us to reach our goal to get care packages to all of those in need.

Are there other places I can donate give to?
At the end of the day the MOST important point is that people are being helped no matter where the donation goes, please take a look at other charities and organizations you can partner with at the end of our blog!

What Other Activities Are You Planning?
Keep an eye out on our social media channels for updates on other upcoming events, activities and more to aid in the Hurricane Relief efforts!

Soon we will be hosting fundraisers in Staniel Cay such as bake sales/cookouts and be auctioning off a 5 day/ 4 night stay with all proceeds going to the cause! Stay tuned!

Have a Question?
We’d be happy to answer it for you! Please send us an email at

Other Ways To Help with Hurricane Dorian
No matter what, we believe the most important thing at this time is to help those in need! Below you can see a list of trusted organizations collecting money, and other products at different drop off locations. Join us in taking care of the Bahamas!

Head Knowles has taken charge in the past to help out during Hurricane Joacqin and Hurricane Mathew. Not only do they have a solid history but they are also fully transparent as they will provide their donors with financial statements to account for every dollar donated.

YachtAid Global
Yacht Aid Global is dedicated to providing unified humanitarian aid, conservation, and disaster relief to coastal communities. They have set up Operation “Topaz” for the Bahamian community affected by Hurricane Dorian. YachtAid Global is working with yachts to deliver life-saving aid, equipment, and disaster recovery & assistance teams supporting local search and rescue resources and community authorities in the immediate relief work.

Drop Off Locations
Drop off locations accepting anything from canned food to baby diapers to aid Hurricane Dorian please contact them directly for details:


Ft. Lauderdale Exe. Airport

2201 NW 55thCt.

Hangar 11

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, 33309

T: (305) 722-3399


Bahamas Consulate General

Park Central Building

2970 Clairmont Road, NE Suites 690

Atlanta, Georgia, 3302

T: (404) 214-0492


Nyesha – Mrs. Galaxy Bahamas

1100 W. Colonial Dr. Unit #3

Orlando, Fl 32804


Maritza Smith

Aggressive 617 Mercy Drive,

Orlando Fl 32805.

T: (407) 295-4489


Terry’s Glamorous Beauty Bar & Academy

7451 Riviera Blvd, Suite 132

(Mega Center Building)

Miramar, FL 33023

T: 786.521.8163


Bahamas Consulate General

231 East 46thStreet

New York, NY 10017

T: (212) 421-6420


Ashley Lynn Hair Care

7928 Council PL, Matthews, NC 28215


Bahamas Consulate General

1025 Vermont Avenue NW, Suite 305

Washington, DC, 20005

T: (202) 734-6578