A mini-summary of our history and traditions!
Happy Independence Day!

July 10. July 10, 1973 marks the day of Bahamian Independence. This was the day, we became a free and sovereign country ending 325 years of peaceful British rule!

Today, we celebrate our Independence Day throughout the Bahamas and invite you to join us here at Embrace Resort!! During these days, tourism is at a high point. Both locals and tourists enjoy parades, cultural festivals, art displays, regattas, fairs, and more.

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Want to learn a little bit about our early history?? We sure do!

Starting from 300 AD, people settled and lived on the Islands Of The Bahamas. In the 1400s European explorers discovered and claimed the hundreds of islands and cays that make up the Bahamas. Christopher Columbus even made landfall here and described our islands as ‘Baja Mar’ (shallow sea).

Did you know even the famous pirates Blackbeard and Calico Jack went through here? Our shallow waters and hundreds of islands were the perfect spot for piracy. Not only was treasure super easy to hide, but the close proximity to shipping routes made for the perfect spot to steal from passing ships! Rumour has it that there is still hidden treasure to be found in the Bahamas today.

In 1670, our islands were claimed by the English and remained under their rule until 1973. The Bahamas finally became British Commonwealth and so ended colonial rule.

How about some Independence Day traditions and attractions?

Palm fronds are used to make handicrafts such as basketry, hats and bags that are popular tourist items! Some places even make Voodoo-dolls, and no, not the evil cursed dolls shown in movies.

Many cities of the Bahamas hold Junkanoo, street parades with music, dance, art as well as Regattas, social events featuring sailing on old-fashion work boats and onshore festivals.

What better time to visit us than now?

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EMBRACE your day!