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Our Story

” The EMBRACE Resort aims to be a completely unique and gratifying get away for our guests while offering the highest standard of personalized service. Our goal is to give visitors the opportunity to EMBRACE the colorful, vibrant, multifaceted culture here in the Bahamas. Our name “EMBRACE” is actually an acronym for our 7 villas which are outfitted to represent their island namesake. Exclusive villas with a first class native insider to show our guests the best way to vacation in the Exuma Cays. ” 

What makes us special?

First & Only Sustainable Property in the Exuma Cays

We are proud to be the first eco-friendly property in the Exuma Cays. We hope to make an impact on our area and an impression on the other businesses in our community.  The beauty of the Cays is wrapped in all of the beautiful natural attractions around us. This was our inspiration to ensure that we do our part to preserve this exquisite one of a kind beauty for generations to come. Check out our Green Initiatives to see what we’ve done.

Truly Personalized Service for Any Occasion

With us, it’s all about you! Wedding? Engagement? Anniversary? 50th Birthday we’ve got you covered! Nikki, the owner has been known as the “go to gal” when it comes to planning anything and everything in the Cays. We will ensure that all of your vacation needs are handled no matter if it is as little as a romantic beach picnic for 2 or as big as a wedding or birthday party for 100 people. Rest assured that you will have the best in the business with keen knowledge and over two decades of planning experience.

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Expert Concierge and Travel Agents

EMBRACE is blessed to be located on one of the island gems of the globe surrounded by world renowned attractions. In collaboration with our sister company 3N’s Vacation Services we are able to offer our guest the most efficient service as well as deals for guests interested in seeing the swimming pigs and other attractions in the Cays. For more information please check out our Attractions page. In addition for guests needing assistance with flight booking, we are able to offer Travel Agent services as well to assist you in getting to Staniel Cay. 3N’s being the first travel agency in the Cays we’ve definitely got the expertise when it comes to organizing a trip. 

Green Initiatives

Our Commitment

At EMBRACE, we believe sustainable tourism to be effective, must be a lifestyle commitment rather than a sporadic effort or marketing tactic. As our identity is inspired by the organic and novel beauty of the Bahamian islands, we use environmentally conscious practices from construction through to operation. Travelers come to The Bahamas, and especially the Exumas, because they’re enchanted by our pristine natural surroundings. If those of us in the tourism industry don’t make the effort to take care of our environment, visitors will eventually stop visiting our shores. If The Bahamas is to flourish for years to come, sustainability must start with us.

Past efforts

The construction phase is one of the most important places to start to truly be a sustainable property. Our villas are built with locally sourced materials as much as possible and we used low to no VOC paint for both the exterior and interior. Our purchase decisions were also done with sustainability in mind such as our Energy Star appliances, dual flush toilets and low flow showers. Even the décor or the villas are locally sourced and some have been built using recycled materials like the drift wood in some of our headboards and nets in our fishing inspired villa.

Current Efforts

At present we’ve continued to source majority locally produced and/or recycled items as much as possible. Our sustainability is driven by the “each one teach one” philosophy. We encourage our guests by providing detailed information in our booklets regarding our sustainability efforts to hopefully inspire them to also use these practice in their day to day life. We also have a towel reuse program and encourage guests to turn off electricity and reduce water usage during their stay with us. We also have an irrigation system for our plants which has been very successful in reusing water while keeping our garden flourishing.

Future Efforts

We endeavor to impact our community more and ensure that those around us are also “EMBRACE”ing sustainability as much as possible. We will host events for the local community focusing on sustainable tourism, recycling and waste management initiatives, with the ultimate goal of making Staniel Cay and the surrounding area a more environmentally friendly community. We know that it starts with us.

Our Partners

We worked with an OBMI’s Environmental Consultant, Denaye Hinds who ensured that we do our best to function in an environmentally friendly manner throughout the construction and operation of EMBRACE. EMBRACE plans to partner with organizations like Cans for Kids, Go Green Bahamas, the Bahamas National Trust and of course, the neighboring Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park in the future.

A Bright Future Ahead

Currently EMBRACE Resort is villa only,but we have some great things planned for the next few years.

Our Spa

As the first spa in the Exuma Cays, we look to set the bar very high. After opening we will invite you to indulge yourself in a vast variety of rejuvenating spa treatments all in an eco-friendly environment. The most caring and capable hands will provide a revitalizing and relaxing journey in a green atmosphere with a peaceful ambiance. We’ll be offering several couple massage packages as well as wellness packages for our guests.

Our Fitness Center

We at EMBRACE promote a healthy lifestyle and invite you to access our beautiful fitness facilities. Here you will be enticed to condition yourself with our state of the art equipment. Tone your muscles and stay limber even while you’re on vacation.

Our Signature Restaurant

Our guests will be treated to the native flavors and spices of the Bahamas. We will take the dishes we know and love and enrich them with an upscale twist. With a combination of mouthwatering local delicacies and internationally inspired dishes we endeavor to be one of the area’s most inviting places to dine with a peaceful ambiance, culinary delights and unmatchable customer service.

Our Meeting Room

Just as your event, wedding, conference or meeting is important you deserve to have a meeting space that is just as significant. It is pivotal that the space impresses the guest and has all of the facilities necessary to make your event successful and memorable. It would be our pleasure to hold and plan your occasion in our state of the art island inspired facilities. This would make Staniel Cay the perfect place for any event from corporate meetings to weddings and family reunions!

For investment opportunities and inquiries please contact us.

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